Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cabled Mug Cozy

I love to wrap my hands around a hot mug of coffee or tea... unless it's TOO hot. I found myself wrapping a paper towel around the mug to hold it how I wanted without burning myself, so I decided it's time to make a cozy...

This is made in one whole piece, without any sewing (yay!)

  • small amount of worsted weight yarn (I used Patons Classic Merino Wool)
  • set of US 5 dpns
  • US 5 circular needle for magic loop if preferred
  • cable needle (or you can use an extra dpn for the cables)
  • crochet hook size F for CO
  • tapestry needle for weaving in ends
  • 6 sts and 8 rows = 1 inch
  • KFB- Knit front and back of each loop. Knit the stitch as always, only do not slide it off the left needle. Knit into the back of the same stitch. One increase made.
  • KLL- Knit left loop. With your left needle, pick up the left loop of the stitch TWO ROWS BELOW the last completed stitch, and knit it through the back loop. One increase made.
Special stitches/rows:
  • Cable row- Place the first two sts on a cable needle and hold to the front of your work. Knit the next two sts, then knit the sts from the cable needle. Purl the next stitch. Repeat around, ending with the cable (there is no purl on the end).
  • 4x1 rib- K4, P1 across on the right side; P4, K1 on the wrong side.

CO 8 sts and join in the round, using Emily Ocker's Circular Cast-On

Rnd 1: KFB each st around. (you should have 16 sts)
Rnd 2 and all even rows: Knit.
Rnd 3: (K2, KLL) around. (24 sts)
Rnd 5: (K3, KLL) around (32 sts)
Rnd 7: (K4, KLL) around (40 sts)
Rnd 9: (K5, KLL) around (48 sts)
Rnd 11: (K6, KLL) around (56 sts)

Rnds 12-14: Knit around. (This is where I changed to the circ needle and worked magic loop, but you don't have to)

Row 15: BO 2 sts, K4, (P1, K4) across. Turn (you'll be working in rows now--but you'll still have to use either dpns or magic loop)
Row 16 (wrong side): Sl1, P3, (K1, P4) across.
Row 17: Sl1, K3, (P1, K4) across.
Rows 18-20: Repeat rows 16-17 once, then repeat row 16 once more.
Row 21 (right side): work cable row.

Row 22-26: Work rows 16-17 two times, then work row 16 once more.

Row 27 (right side): Work cable row.

Rows 28-37: Work 4x1 rib, slipping the first st of each row (for a nicer edge).

Rows 38-43: Knit each row (garter stitch). Break yarn, but DO NOT BIND OFF.

Work i-cord:
Set aside the cozy, and pick up working yarn. With an unused dpn, CO 3 sts. Knit across. Now, without turning, slide the loops to the other end of the needle, and knit across again, pulling tight to form i-cord. Repeat until you have about 33 rows.
Now attach i-cord: Pick up the needles with the cozy on them. Slide the 3 sts from the i-cord dpn onto the cozy needles, with the working yarn sandwiched between the i-cord and the cozy. Now, with an empty needle, knit the first 2 sts, then knit the next 2 sts TOGETHER through the back loop. Slide the 3 sts you now have on your right needle back onto the left needle as they are. Repeat knitting the first 2 sts, then knitting the next 2 sts together through the back loop until you have 3 sts remaining. Work the i-cord for about 33 rows and BO.

Weave in ends.